What Makes You Smile?

I wish that everything made me as happy as exercising and working out. Yesterday at the gym, my coach noticed that my sweat formed a big giant smiley face on my backside. How hysterical. This picture makes me laugh every time I think about it.  It’s so appropriate because working out really does make me smile.

Right now I’m caught in the no progress zone. It’s not for lack of effort for my strength and cardio routine, but it’s lack of adherence to a sensible meal and nutrition plan. In all honesty, it’s a huge challenge and one that I have been trying to wrap my mind around for a very long time. I know what to do…it’s taking that step and making the commitment to actually doing it. I wrote about my body composition over a month ago and have yet to do it. Sad but true. I have a lot of support and a lot of folks on my team, too; but at the end of the day, I am the one who needs to take the first step.

So for today…I’ll smile about what I have done versus what I haven’t done.  In two weeks, I will participate in my first race of 2017. I have been off of the circuit for a good while but I’m making strides to getting my groove back.

What is making you smile today?

Workout Summary for the Week of July 30th:

Sunday: Day of Rest

Monday:  San Diego, HIIT Hotel Gym Workout

Tuesday: San Diego, HIIT Hotel Gym Workout

Wednesday:  4.5 Mile Run

Thursday:  Metabolic Cardio @ F2C

Friday:  Strength at F2C

Saturday:  Metabolic Cardio @ F2C

Workout Summary for the Week of August 6th:

Sunday: 4.5 mile run

Monday:  Strength @ F2C

Tuesday: Burn Cardio @ F2C

Wednesday:  Strength @ F2C

Thursday:  Warrior Burn @ F2C

Friday:  Strength at F2C

Saturday: Day of Rest


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