The Giants Race, 10k

August 27, 2017. It was an exciting day in San Francisco at the Giants Race. Who wouldn’t want to end their 6.1 mile adventure inside the most beautiful ball park in the United States? This is always one of my favorite races, and this year was especially memorable because I was completing the 2017 Series  (Giants Race Scottsdale, Giants Race San Jose, Giants Race Sacramento, and Giants Race San Francisco).  With each race medal also came special edition participants’ medal:  The turn two, the three-bagger, and the grand finale SERIES SWEEP medal, for runners who finished all four races.  We also left with Madison Bumgarner race bobbleheads and very cool T-shirts, so I give the race planners a solid A for the awesome swag.

This year has been challenging to train and race, given the increased family commitments since January. It felt great to carve out the time to really do this.  I also took 7:02 minutes off of my race time from the last Giants Race 10k. I’m pretty stoked about that.  While I don’t have another race in the books, I am still trying to maintain my running.  Once I finish the 100 workout challenge at my gym, I plan on clocking more running miles each week.

Here’s to hitting the pavement!

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