The 3 Rs of Working Out

As a former school teacher, I have referenced the 3 Rs as reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.  When I became a principal, the 3Rs were referred to as rigor, relevancy, and relationships. So I’m taking the 3R theme and running with it, as it applies to my workouts. What exactly are my 3Rs of the “sweat” life?  Here goes the short answer: Relief, Revitalize, Results.

Relief:  As a quasi runner, what I used to bring to the gym included knee pain, hip issues, and tight calves and hamstrings.  With the proper workout routine, rolling,  stretches, corrective exercises, and guidance, I no longer have knee, hip, and leg issues (jinx–knock on wood since I just put this in writing). In the past, I was having to do tons of modifications with squats, split squats and reverse lunges–using everything from boards to bands. Now, I have relief from this pain, thanks to my great coaches and programs at Fit 2 the Core.

Customized workouts are designed for my skill level every 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 week period, we also complete feedback forms to reflect on what we liked about the current program, what we would enjoy seeing more of or less of, and any additional information that would be important for our coaches to know. I also like that we self-assess on how challenging the program was–do we need to be pushed harder or are we being pushed too much or just right.  In teaching, we call this the Goldilocks Rule:  not too easy, not too hard, but just right.

Revitalize:  Adulting is hard. I pull long ten hour days, starting work at 6am. When I get to the gym, my workouts help to restore my energy and spirit.  It’s just a myth that workouts leave you tired and exhausted. My workouts actually leave me recharged and revitalized. Don’t get me wrong, we are working hard. There is no ‘auto pilot’ in strength sessions. Yet the feeling of accomplishment when I finish my workout is second to none. That energy carries me through the rest of the evening. Working out also helps to reduce the stress of the day, so I leave those feelings at the gym, and don’t have to carry them home with me.

Results:  You can’t out exercise a poor diet or bad nutritional habits.  This has been the hard lesson learned (and re-learned) for me over the past two years. In the same breath, I have also learned to work smarter, not harder, to get the results that I want to see. Our coaches take the guess work out of what we should be doing to get results–our customized programs support our goals and we have the right level of accountability in terms of checking in and monitoring progress. Speaking of accountability,  I will be writing about the dreaded body composition in a future post.  Stay tuned!


Workout Summary for the Week of July 23:

Sunday:  Trail Run in Clayton

Monday:  Strength Workout at F2C

Tuesday:  Metabolic Cardio at F2C

Wednesday:  Strength Workout at F2C

Thursday:  Metabolic Cardio at F2C

Friday:  Strength at F2C

Saturday:  Metabolic Cardio at F2C

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