Putting Summer on a Mental Deadline

September 3rd was my mental deadline for ending the summer of love.  Okay…the love can continue but the food and drink must stop.  I put myself on a timeline and program to reel things in before my high school reunion, now only 5 weeks away.  Seems like just yesterday that I was on the 5 year plan (I think this is a sign of getting old…you know, time flies from days to years?!?!).

Since I worked in Rancho Cordova for half of the week, I meal prepped and made sure that my hotel room had a refrigerator.  I didn’t snack on junk or treats during our training time even though there was plenty of temptation between the breakfast muffins and the afternoon cookies and brownies.  I stayed strong because I brought fruit, protein shake mix, and chomp sticks. Yeah, I couldn’t deal with cheating on the first week.

It seems like my body fat likes me so much that it just doesn’t want to go away. I’m working on it, one healthy snack at a time. And, of course, I’m keeping up with the exercise schedule. I have 49/100 workouts done for the 100 Workout Challenge at Fit to the Core. After tomorrow’s strength session, I will hit the half way mark. HOORAY!

I had healthy dinners on the road (and no alcohol).  This amazing salad is from Jack’s Urban Eats in Sacramento.  Funny that I have been to three different Urban Eats but not to the one in my own neighborhood, less than 5 miles from my house. It’s finally on my calendar for this month!

In the spirit of organization, I have planned my cheats for this month. Because I am being more conscientious, I am also seeing that certain habits have changed for me (in a positive way). While summer may be officially and mentally over, I still have some fun events around the corner….stay tuned on the other sections of this blog to hear more about details!

Workout Summary for the Week of September 3rd:

Sunday:  4 mile Trail Run

Monday:  5 mile Trail Run

Tuesday:  Metabolic Cardio (new workout!) at F2C

Wednesday:  Hotel Gym Workout, cardio

Thursday:  Hotel Gym Workout, HIIT

Friday:  Strength at F2C

Saturday:  Day of Rest

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