Live Like A Caterpillar?

As a former kindergarten teacher, I have a natural affinity to Eric Carle books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar stands out to me because this little insect gets to eat and eat and eat, sleep in a comfy chrysalis, then after a long and lovely nap, emerges as a beautiful butterfly.  Now….let’s think about this. How do you feel when you eat and eat and eat, then fall into a food coma? We can only wish to emerge more beautiful than before; but the reality is, “we are what we eat.”

Life happens.  I’ve come to terms with having an occasional cheat.  After all, we are not perfect.  At Fit 2 the Core, in working with my coaches, I have learned to strive for progress, not perfection. This is a healthier, more sustainable approach, to nutrition. Of course I have goals, but they are so much more realistic than they were in the years past. I stretch myself but in the same breath, no longer set myself up to fail.

Like that little caterpillar, I still have it in me to eat and eat and eat. But I am definitely more mindful about this, learning and understanding my triggers and releases.

Workout Summary for the Week of July 9:

Sunday:  Day of Rest

Monday:  Strength Workout

Tuesday: Metabolic Cardio

Wednesday: Strength Workout

Thursday: Metabolic Workout

Friday:  Strength Workout

Saturday: Metabolic Cardio



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