Staying Focused and Refocusing

With the misery of Giants baseball this season,  MLB network has not been the lone recipient of my attention. So I’m surprised at how hard it has been to stay focused on my goals. Perhaps I could blame it on summer, since I seem to have this issue annually, especially during the month of July. Right now my focus is not on the right things.  The new word of the day is refocusing. Refocusing my thoughts, refocusing my energy, refocusing on my goals, and refocusing on getting my priorities in order. This is easier said than done, of course, but at least I’m willing to have the conversation with myself. It has taken almost the entire month of July to face the music, so I have a lot of damage to reign in, starting sooner than later.

I’ve managed to keep my workouts on track.  Exercise is pretty much standard operating procedure in our household. Now to transfer that mentality to other projects on my plate!


Workout Summary for the Week of July 16:

Sunday:  Trail  Run in Clayton

Monday:  Strength Workout at F2C

Tuesday:  Metabolic Cardio at F2C

Wednesday:  Strength Workout at F2C

Thursday: Metabolic Cardio at F2C

Friday:  Strength Workout at F2C

Saturday:  Day of Rest

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