Day 2/30

I am pretty excited to have survived the past two days. Several people have been helping me and supporting this Whole 30 effort, which makes the ‘challenge’ a lot easier. Having a community is definitely one of my core values, both in my professional and personal space.

First, I want to thank Holly for all of the emotional support and Whole 30 resources. She also gave me a copy of the new Whole 30 Cookbook which has helped me to be more motivated about meal prepping and dinner choices. Holly is a Beach Body Coach and she also has a wealth of knowledge on her website (click on her name, which is linked to the site). I so appreciate her guidance and understanding of how difficult this clean eating piece is for me.

My colleague Emily is also a Whole30 Rockstar. She and her husband have started their second round of Whole 30 and she has provided me with killer tips and tricks, in addition to support and patience. She has made great recommendations in terms of compliant food and also how to navigate a busy work schedule!

Lastly, but in no particular order, I want to thank Julie for her support and “you can do this!” attitude. Julie sent me an email with a ton of shopping resources..and she also gave me advice about prioritizing the start of my Whole30 journey. After digesting her words (pun intended), I decided to focus on the goal of just eating compliant food this first week. I’m not truly paying attention to portion sizes at this point. I’m just learning about the Whole30 approved list and eating until I’m full.

What did I notice at the end of Day 2?  Hmmm. I went to bed earlier than normal.  I felt a high level of satisfaction for making it through 2 days without giving in or giving up.  I also took my before pictures which got my excited about the possibility of what can happen to my body after eliminating certain foods this month.

Oh, I didn’t know when my 30 days would end, as I didn’t keep a calendar. Yesterday I decided to count days. It empowered me and made me think that yes, indeed, I can do this.

Today’s featured image is my new salad dressing find.  Primal Kitchen Greek Vinaigrette.  It’s the bomb!

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