Carpe Diem

The phrase Carpe Diem originates from the Roman Poet Horace (23BC) and translates to “Seize the Day.” This is what I decided to do on July 1st.  Seize the Day.  Well, Seize the 100 Days, as I committed to the 100 Workout Challenge at Fit 2 the Core. I love tracking my progress and earning stickers for workouts, a nice approach to accountability. The 100 Workout Challenge forces me to schedule my workouts more strategically and to focus on the goal of meeting the 100 milestone marker by December 31st, 2017.

What have I learned and reflected on in the past 10 days? Owner and Coach Tim Rudd of Fit 2 the Core wrote on Facebook this week:  Don’t let one bad day ruin a ton of good days.

This resonates with me because I tend to focus on losing ground versus maintaining or gaining ground when it comes to my food choices and nutrition. Ever blow your best day by 9:00 in the morning by having a Snickers bar instead of eating the healthy snack that you prepared?  And from there, that moment on, is it all downhill, since you’ve “blown” the day already?  Surely, I cannot be the only one who struggles with this. Some of my greatest gains have been to move on when I make a poor choice, not letting one isolated bad choice hijack a ton of good choices.

These thoughts have led me to grow some self-compassion. This means being understanding towards myself when I trip up rather than flagellating myself with self-criticism. Instead of judging myself harshly for shortcomings, self-compassion means that I can be kind when confronted with personal failings. I can reflect, rethink my why, then move forward without the burden of feeling bad about myself for the rest of the day…or multiple days. It’s a much healthier approach than trying to be perfect.

In moving forward to the next week of the challenge, I am bringing with me dedication, focus, and a sense of kindness.

Workout Summary for the Week of July 2:

Sunday:  4 mile trail run

Monday:  Strength Workout

Tuesday: Metabolic Cardio

Wednesday: Strength Workout

Thursday: Metabolic Workout

Friday:  Strength Workout

Saturday: Day of Rest


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