The Bet…Season 2017

Baseball is a long season, which I love. I look forward to game after game after game and I can’t wait to get my feet into the ballpark for each homestand.  Because it would be close to impossible to bet on every single single game, my friend Jerome (a huge Diamondbacks fan…let’s not hold that […]

The Next 30 Workouts

What do the next 2 months and 30 workouts hold?  I’m thinking of some goals to get me through Thanksgiving, then a re-assessment before the winter holidays. Three things instantly come to mind: Work on sleep habits. Right now, sadly, I sleep about 4.5 hours a night.  I am a thinker and the silence of […]

The Giants Race, 10k

August 27, 2017. It was an exciting day in San Francisco at the Giants Race. Who wouldn’t want to end their 6.1 mile adventure inside the most beautiful ball park in the United States? This is always one of my favorite races, and this year was especially memorable because I was completing the 2017 Series […]

To Be An Artist

Since I am ahead of my monthly goal for the 100 Workout Challenge, I decided to focus my attention on nutrition this week.  I already know that I’m going out Thursday night and Saturday.   And sometimes I beat myself up over choices. So my attention has to be on good choices when I’m NOT […]

The 3 Rs of Working Out

As a former school teacher, I have referenced the 3 Rs as reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.  When I became a principal, the 3Rs were referred to as rigor, relevancy, and relationships. So I’m taking the 3R theme and running with it, as it applies to my workouts. What exactly are my 3Rs of the “sweat” […]