The 100 Workout Challenge

And so it begins. My third 100 Workout Challenge at Fit 2 the Core.

While 100 workouts in 6 months may sound like an easy reach, there are a few parameters to this challenge. First and foremost, only workouts that happen in the gym count. So you can X out your hikes, trail runs, bike adventures, workouts while traveling, etc. There’s a little strategy behind getting this done if you work out of town or if you are planning any vacations from July 1-December 30.

I have thought through my game plan for at least the first two months. I plan on bulking up on my gym days, for sure. Instead of my consistent 4 days/week, I will add a fifth day in order to make up for my work trip planned at the start of next month. Then I’ll reassess progress at the end of each month to see if I am on track for the grand prize (which is a pretty cool performance long sleeve hoodie….I haven’t asked if we can request pink or not, but it’s on my list!).

Many people ask what my big goals are, other than reaching the coveted 100 milestone. ¬†As always, I am working towards getting stronger and leaner (reducing body fat). The challenge increases the level of accountability, that’s for sure. Also, with the help of our coaches, I am able to train hard and intelligently. As strength routines change and metabolic classes get switched around, safety is always the top priority. Whether it’s increasing weight or learning an entirely new routine, there is peace of mind knowing that I am not going to get hurt/injured and will have proper support in terms of form, function, and weights.

As always, I’m excited to start this challenge! Please follow my road to 100!

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